Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Welcome to Our Blog

It’s been just over two months since “Hand of God”(HoG) set itself upon the public. With an initial burst of film festivals behind us and a Boston festival lurking in the near future I thought this was a good time to provide a space for discussion, dispute and democracy. If there is anyone who has met us on the road and wants to add their thoughts – here now is the space and place. Any questions you didn’t get to ask, any tomatoes left un-tossed? Any angry clergy out there that miss those old days of genuflection and fear? C’mon now, share it with the group.

I’ve been to some great festivals and cities where our film has worked as a communion of wondering spirits. We’re all trying to feel our way around this issue and we are all finding our own constantly evolving solutions. My brother, my co-producers and myself are offering up HoG as a genuine and specific experience that might make you all think about your own experiences and push you to your own conclusions. The whole process has made me poorer in pocket but stronger in backbone. As I travel from city to city I make it a point to chase down the local clergy and their mob bosses. I challenge them to the theatre. Barely a one has taken up the invitation. As I do this I often think back to the timid grammar school version of me – harassed by nuns, in awe of priests, clinging to a drainpipe at recess. If this film can bust one other little kid out of their shell – no matter how old he or she is now – we will have done our peace. Besides providing an education, that’s what I’d like the effect of this film to be – a breaking-out of individual spirit. Recognize what is holding you down, push back at it, get the hell out and find your own safe and tranquil place – whether it is in family, spirituality, food or something else. Make it your own and never let a guy in a costume consume you with his own twisted sense of up and down. Amen to that and to you.

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